Kalastajan Savukoski

Welcome To Enjoy Fishing in Savukoski!

Savukoski region offers excellent wilderness fishing destinations. Among them are the rivers Kemijoki, Värriöjoki, Kairijoki, Luirojoki and Nuorttijoki and their many tributaries.

The catch includes grayling, trout and pike. These rivers are also suitable for paddling trips. For fishermen’s convenience rest stops with Lapp tents, lean-to’s, fire pits and sanitation facilities have been built along the riverbanks.

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Fishing License

Fishing licenses can be obtained from local tourist businesses, at Neste service station and in Korvatunturi Visitor Centre where you can also find the municipal tourist information service. Local tourist businesses offer fishing safaris and other related services.

Sponsor a fish of your own!

Conserve nature – adopt a fish! A fish you want to “adopt” will be furnished with identification and released in the rapids of your choice in the Angler’s Savukoski project. You can watch the progress of your adopted fish in our website’s virtual rapids www.savukosket.fi/rapids. For your fish you can choose either a harvested trout or a wild salmon transferred from the Gulf of Bothnia. Online shop »


Easiest to access are the fishing sites along Kemijoki river selected for the project Angler’s Savukoski, which are the rapids Savukoski, Miekkakoski and Pahtakoski. Their native fish population is annually supplemented with about kilo-size harvested trout. Rapids »

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Sponsor a fish of your own!

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The fish that you sponsor will be planted into your chosen Savukoski pilot rapids, with an individualised Carlin label on their back throughout their whole lifetime.

Sponsor a salmon or a trout of your own through our online shop »