Kalastajan Savukoski
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Easiest to access are the fishing sites along Kemijoki river selected for the project Angler’s Savukoski, which are the rapids Savukoski, Miekkakoski and Pahtakoski. Their native fish population is annually supplemented with about kilo-size harvested trout.


savukoski IMG 6642The present-day municipal center of Savukoski has formed around an ancient fishing site. The rapids abounds in fish and is attractive for its variety of casting opportunities. Accommodation and tourist services are located close by, which makes this site an excellent nature destination for families, beginning anglers and for groups.


miekkakoski IMG 6893This fishing site is worth a visit for the beautiful scenery alone. The silence of the wilderness reigns here; there’s nothing to distract concentration. The rocky shores and the winding riverbed can be challenging even for an experienced fisherman. Well-furnished rest stops and fire pits are found on both sides of the rapids. Here the river can be crossed by a fording passage.


pahtakoski IMG 6744Pahtakoski is located in the direction of the village Martinkylä and is easily accessible by car. The landscape around a set of five consecutive rapids is open and the river at the rest stop wide. The catch is hiding among the many riverbed boulders. The site’s accessibility, the ease of wading the river and excellent service facilities make this site a suitable destination for families.

Fishing License

Fishing licenses can be obtained from local tourist businesses, at Neste service station and in Korvatunturi Visitor Centre where you can also find the municipal tourist information service. Local tourist businesses offer fishing safaris and other related services.

Sponsor a fish of your own!

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The fish that you sponsor will be planted into your chosen Savukoski pilot rapids, with an individualised Carlin label on their back throughout their whole lifetime.

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